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Reflecting Back on 2018/New Beginnings

After an exciting first week at school, Alt F4 is back up and running! Coming off a successful rookie year, ALT-F4’s inaugural Executive Team is hard at work prepping for an exciting year with the robotics programs at BVG. We are looking forward to hosting a Regional FLL tournament at BVG for the first time in 6 years. We are excited to improve our skills as a team, and are looking forward to the result of our hard-work during competition season in January. From now until the game release in the new-year, our executive team will be holding workshops and developing a student-mentorship program. Now, we would like to introduce this year’s executive council.

Our Mechanical Heads, Alex Alexiev and Emiko Wijeysundera is responsible for decisions involving the design and function of our robot. They will work closely with the Electrical Head, Trent Rossos and programming head, Johnathon Slightham to aid in the build process. The machining heads, Robert Purcaru and Zac Velshi, will work on bringing our ideas to fruition by fabricating parts with the introduction of our new CNC machine. They are already hard at work setting up and learning how to use this complex machine. Scouting heads, Justin Narayan and Yosra Hashim, and Strategy Head, Phillip Miret who were crucial to our success at previous competitions and will continue to be for the upcoming season. Lastly, we have our Chairman’s Head, Aliya Hirji along with Public Relations Heads, Savannah Dunberry and Isabella DiMenna that work to increase our reach within our local and international community.

We are anticipating an exciting and successful year, and look forward to your continued support. Follow our season on our Instagram page @frcteam7558 or on our website at

The ALT-F4 PR Heads,

Savannah Dunberry and Isabella DiMenna.

As a rookie team last year we ranked 32 nd out of 179 teams in Ontario and had the

distinction of being the highest ranked rookie team in over 5 years. Our success was

directly proportional to the support we received from BVG’s administration and the

commitment of the ALT-F4 team members. This year, once again the support of our school has been second to none in providing our team with a CNC router, considered in the FIRST community as one of the most powerful tools for FRC teams that money can buy. The CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) router increases our efficiency and accuracy of our manufactured parts, and will significantly elevate the level of learning by using cutting edge technology and the design process to develop ideas from concept to fruition.

The CNC machine allows students to prototype rapidly with very accurate dimensions that can be changed and redone quickly. This allows more time for experimentation and development and refining of concepts. As a team we believe the greatest path to learning is by failing early and often. This is something we encourage of all of our team members, so that when the build season begins in January, students are ready to put their skills to the test and make decisions on the fly under pressure at competitions.

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