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The Glen - Featuring Team 7558

Every day, the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent and now more than ever it is important to be conscious of the world we are leaving behind for the next generation. As a team we have decided to concentrate on reducing our communal carbon footprint. Throughout the year, we plan to launch different team initiatives that promote environmental sustainability.

On Saturday October 5th, we took our first step towards this goal by arranging a garbage clean up in our very own Don Valley. All members - both new and returning - gathered at the Lower school field to not only bond as a team, but also make our community a better and cleaner place. Followed by some fun indoor games and a fulfilling lunch, this year’s Team Building day will be one to remember.

Along with our community cleanups, we are also working hard to promote sustainability in the lab. We have officially banned single use plastic and are working on ALT-F4 branded water bottles to make the transition easier. This year, we are also continuing our 12V battery recycling program. Last year, 10 batteries were donated by a BVG parent who is an Anesthesiologist. He noticed that in the machines at the hospital he works with uses a similar 12V battery as the one that powers the FRC robot. The batteries from the hospital are virtually new, since they are only used as a backup during power outages. However, the batteries are replaced on a regular basis and thrown away. The batteries are also expensive, soas one of our Rookies 4 Rookies initiatives we decided to offer the donated batteries to other FIRST FRC teams. This initiative has not only helped other teams, but more importantly diverted the flow out of the landfill.

We’re excited to continue this challenge by promoting sustainability both in and outside of the lab. To find out more about our initiatives, watch our progress and stay updated with Alt-F4’s events/activities, follow us on Instagram at @frcteam7558 or online at

By Savannah Dunberry (Grade 12) and Isabella DiMenna (Grade 12)

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