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Week 1: Build Season Progress

We started the week with kickoff on Saturday. If you have not seen this year’s game here is a link to the game introduction. We immediately broke off into groups and read the game manual so we could start brainstorming. Being a rookie team, we were unsure where to start. Thankfully, our experienced mentors lead us through the process. We ended the day with many ideas that we would explore further in the coming week.

On Monday, we had our official design meeting where we decided what we wanted our robot to specialize in and what elements we would use to accomplish or task. We decided our robot would focus on scoring at the lowest levels in order to get as many points as possible. The wheels we chose to use are 6 inch traction.

We also chose to have our robot be able to climb to the highest platform. At the beginning of the week we narrowed down our possible design ideas for climbing using a scissor lift and a four bar arm. Throughout the week we developed both of these ideas and began to CAD. By the end of the week we decided on the four bar design and finished the CAD draft.

We ended the week with a coherent robot design, prototypes for climbing and grabbing, a nearly finished base, and the beginnings of our presentation for Rookie All Star/Chairman’s.

Special thanks to parents of Abtin Abbaspour, Ethan Elbaz and Robert Purcaru for supplying us with delicious meals to keep us energized and happy.

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