Week 2: Build Season Progress

We have just wrapped up week two of the build season! We would again like to thank all the parents for their ongoing support and for tolerating the late nights after school spent on CADing and prototyping.

We continue to make lots of progress on the robot. This week included lots of designing and redesigning. We prototyped a way to receive and distribute hatch panels but we are still looking at finalizing the design in order for it to be as efficient and effective as possible. We also finalized our base. We spent much of the week prototyping and testing for dimensions. Next week we will be finalizing and creating the parts that will later come together.

On the media team we began to outline our ideas for Rookie All Stars and designated team members to certain tasks. By the end of build-season we will have a trifold board, items to give to other teams at competitions, a banner for the pit, and a short video about our season. We decided that our video will focus on our outreach initiatives in Tanzania and the diversity of our team.

Special thanks to parents of Emiko W., Chris F., Ethan W., and Robert P. for bringing in dinner for the team. Every member greatly appreciates it.

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