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Week 3: Build Season Progress

This week, the grade elevens were on their Haliburton trip and sadly weren’t able to be in the lab with us.  The grade nines, tens and twelves were left to take charge and continue to make steady progress. Thanks again to parents for their support and driving our team members to and from school as winter carries on at full speed.

Our robot is required to have a component that allows it to climb onto one of three platforms that vary in size. At the end of the match, our robot should end up on one of the platforms – preferably the highest one, as we will be able to collect the most points. We had many design ideas throughout the past two weeks and came up with the most efficient solution on Monday. Throughout this week, we brought the design to life. It still has a few flaws which we will work toward fixing in the coming week.

Our intake system, which collects and shoots out a ball, has been through trial and error and a number of iterations, to make it strong, quick, efficient and consistent. We have been working on prototypes and testing, and then making some adjustments to bring it to its full potential. 

The Rookie All Star Award “celebrates the rookie team exemplifying a young but strong partnership effort, as well as implementing the mission of FIRST to inspire students to learn more about science and technology.” The Rookie All-Star Award sub-team spent this week planning and developing our team’s story to present to the judges. at our first competition. Information and images were compiled for our presentation, while numerous ideas and concepts were shared. Our banner and video are currently in progress and will be focused on next week.

We are also seeking out sponsors by sending out emails prospects who might be interested in partnering/sponsoring our team. We are also finalizing the script for our chairman’s presentation. While this year we are not eligible for the Chairman’s award, we decided to prepare a presentation with the hopes of presenting to judges, to get their feedback and gain valuable experience from next year, when we will be eligible.

This past Thursday, we closed the lab early to give everyone a well-deserved break to rest and catch up on their school work. Our team was well rested for Friday and Saturday’s longer meetings. We’ve sent in the CADs and will hopefully get all our parts for the competition robot sometime next week.

We were all excited to receive our team hoodies on Saturday and are now proudly showcasing our full FRC attire.

Special thanks to parents of Dylan Teodoro, Noah Fremont, Brianna Gonzalez, and Ryan Laing for bringing in dinner for our team.

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