Week 5: Build Season Progress

We have just finished the penultimate week of ALT-F4’s first ever build season! As we head into our final week we would like to take this opportunity to thank every parent for being accommodating to the hectic schedule and showing us unwavering support. One more week of late nights and our finished product will show how worth it the process was.

In mechanical, we finished constructing the first iteration of the robot. This meant we could begin doing all the little things that are necessary to finalize the robot like attaching the individual pieces that we designed in the past 4 weeks. The double jointed arm was attached, we re-wired the robot for cleanliness, and we constructed the practice bumpers. As well, the claw that will collect and shoot cargo was built and fitted with motors, pulleys, wheels, and pistons. By next week we will have our newly designed parts cut out from aluminum in order to finish the final robot.

In programming, we completed the basic code for the robot. This code allows us to drive using a controller, and operate the suction cups for hatch panels, the cargo claw, and the double jointed arm. Next week the code will be optimized and we will complete the function for vision processing to live stream to the driver.

In media, we started ordering and designing the merchandise we will hand out at competitions. We printed buttons and ordered temporary tattoos of our logo. We also finalized and ordered the banner that will hang in the pit. Next week we will film the robot reveal video.

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