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Week 6: Build Season Progress

The last week of build season has just ended! Though many of us had doubts, the robot is finished! Tuesday is the official stop-build day and we will send an official reveal announcement on Wednesday. The media team will come out with the robot reveal video shortly after. This week we completed the robot assembly and tied up all the loose ends. We finalized and added our end game mechanism to the robot, identifying any issues that needed to be cleaned up through numerous tests. Everybody was insanely excited when we got our ball intake arm and hatch panel suction cup mechanism working. Over the weekend we fully tested and spent numerous hours revising and fixing multiple aspects of the robot. This included changing the hatch intake in order to optimize efficiency and accuracy, replaced a broken versa planetary (a gear), and switched out the belt for a chain on the drive train. After 4, 15 hour days, we can finally say the robot is competition ready. Once again, the whole team would like to thank each and every parent for bringing meals, providing rides, and offering support. It would not be a stretch to say that without the parents a successful build season would not be possible. Even when your child forgets to say it, we are all grateful. The team would also like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing mentors - Noeen Kashif, Nosh Pestonji, and Malhar Soni. These three have been amazing mentors. They kept us on track but made sure that every day was enjoyable as well as helping us create a robot that exceeded all of our expectations. Soon, competitions will begin and we will get to see our hard work pay off when the robot is in action. See the schedule above to see what competitions we will be at. Follow the rest of our progress on Instagram @frcteam7558.

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