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2020 scouting app

Every year, ALT-F4 dedicates its resources to creating an effective, innovative, and intuitive scouting app to allow our team and our robot to truly perform at its best in competition. We also make our scouting and strategy web application available to all teams to use, allowing them to gather their own in-depth and useful data and analyze it in a variety of groundbreaking and game-changing ways. This year, our app records all robot movements and scoring patterns, allowing you to know where any robot was at any time in the match and where they would perform all their shots and pickups. It also tracks defense trends, control panel activity, autonomous capabilities, and in-depth endgame information in a time- and location-based system, allowing you to watch every robot and every match right from our app! To learn more, please watch the demo video on this page, read our technical binder, or reach out to us through our website, social media, or contact our team's scouting team lead and web app developer at

For a temporary password to the web app, click here to contact us!

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