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About Alt-F4

Our Story

Bayview Glen is a co-educational preschool-through-grade-12 independent school located in the North York region of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Bayview Glen community includes approximately 1,000 students from diverse cultural backgrounds who are guided along the core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, integrity and balance. Our team is comprised of over 40 students (male and female) from grades 9-12 who are excited to get started. Our team is also very multicultural, as team members come from over 15 different countries.  These values assist Bayview Glen in teaching with a ‘whole child’ mentality and enables students to learn, to grow, and to become responsible, productive, and contributing members of the global community. Our focus on inclusivity and diversity is always at the forefront of all our team decisions, and we consider it a significant strength of our team.The Bayview Glen robotics program began as a lower and prep school team, called CTRL-Z who was registered in the FLL. After being so successful within the FLL including world championship titles, Bayview Glen decided to expand their robotics horizon by registering and supporting a team in the FIRST Robotic Competition (FRC). Although the team is new, we are pushing full-force ahead with the intent and goal of being as successful as our sibling team “CTRL-Z”. We plan to do so by utilising our diverse set of interests, talents and skills, and our highly qualified coaching and administration staff. This expansion within our school was highly anticipated and the community is passionate about beginning this new journey with FIRST Robotics Competition. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Team 7558 is to provide a unique learning and skill building opportunity for students. Our goal is to work with and develop the skills needed today and for tomorrow.  We want to provide opportunity for students to develop skills in technology and design but also promote critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication skills. Through our various contacts and resources - the FIRST community, industry mentors, past graduate mentors, parents and staff members - we feel our students will develop their skills in marketing, communication, organization, time management, engineering, leadership and teamwork.  They will have the opportunity to make community connections and develop an awareness of social/environmental issues and responsibilities.

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