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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 in a high school gym. FIRST inspires students to choose careers in Science and Technology and now reaches over 100,000 students worldwide. FIRST was brought to Canada in 2002 and culminates every year with several District events in Ontario, including the University of Waterloo, Centennial College, Humber College, Georgian College, Nipissing University and Newmarket Complex.

Heading 2

After six weeks of designing and building, these highly competitive Canadian teams are joined by teams from around the world to compete in the current year’s challenge. The winning teams are invited to the World Championship Event held in Houston, Texas.


The mission of Team 7558 is to provide a unique learning and skill-building opportunity for students. Our goal is to work with and develop the skills needed today and for tomorrow. We provide opportunities for students to develop skills in technology and design but also promote critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Through our various contacts and resources - the FIRST community, industry mentors, past graduate mentors, parents, and staff members - our students develop their skills in marketing, communication, organization, time management, engineering, leadership, and teamwork. They have opportunities to make community connections and develop an awareness of social/environmental issues and responsibilities.

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