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Global Outreach

Kubuni Centre - The Olive Branch for Children, Mbeya, Tanzania

The Olive Branch for Children (TOBFC) helps remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establishes programs that target the most vulnerable in those communities. We focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security, environmental issues, gender equality, and vulnerable children and women. The goal is to establish community-led programs which empower remote communities and generate models that can be replicated in communities throughout Tanzania and elsewhere.  

The Kubuni Centre is our creative hub providing space and workshops to entrepreneurs in the Mbeya Region. Focused on community empowerment, the Kubuni Centre provides the skills, resources and physical space for Tanzanians to realize their innovated ideas.

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We are excited to announce our international outreach project by deepening our relationship with 'The Olive Branch for Children' in Mbeya, Tanzania to promote STEM through robotics. 

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